7th Psychopath Coffee

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At 7TH PSYCHOPATH we have an enduring love-affair with meticulously crafted coffee, which has taken us on a global journey to find the highest combination of quality coffee beans, in a search for the ultimate recipe, to bring you a luxury coffee experience, that is unique in every way.

We don't use any additives, and each batch is carefully monitored and nurtured for the caffeine levels, freshness, quality and flavor, ensuring only the highest standards of these world-famous gourmet coffee beans and in keeping within our reputation of being, not only the strongest coffee on the planet, but also one of the best tasting coffees too.

7TH PSYCHOPATH is a medium roasted, perfect blend of Arabica and high quality, single-estate Robusta coffee beans, favored for their well-balanced, dark chocolate pecan nut taste.

Made correctly, it can provide up to 1400mg of caffeine, per 250ml cup, and this without any additives just a unique combination of pure coffee beans.

7TH PSYCHOPATH COFFEE has both a remarkable taste, and the added benefit of a strong natural energy boost, making it a desirable, and authentically exclusive, luxury coffee experience.


This product contains high levels of caffeine, over 24000mg/kg.Consume responsibly. Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women or people sensitive to caffeine or with any medical conditions whatsoever.